Mane Goes Track-By-Track Behind New EP 'Caught In The Undertow'

15 September 2023 | 3:43 pm | Mane

Australian alternative artist MANE (real name Paige Court) has taken The Music track-by-track behind her stunning new EP, 'Caught In The Undertow'.


MANE (Credit: Friends On Film)

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Flowers serves as the opening track on the EP. I had the pleasure of co-writing this song in December 2021 with two of my closest friends and long-time collaborators, Mario Spate and Benjamin Tamblyn-Morrow. I had rented an AirBnB by the beach for a few days with the intention of writing music together. Flowers emerged as one of the outcomes of that getaway.

The song delves into my personal experiences with social anxiety and the thoughts and emotions that arise when I find myself in situations that intensify that anxiety or pressure. However, it also adopts the notion of embracing the freedom to leave if that situation doesn't feel right. The chorus lyric, "I don't want to have to prove myself no more when I've got flowers waiting at my front door, I'm coming home," still resonates deeply with me.

‘Home’ isn't limited to where I physically reside; it can be anywhere where safety and love exist. Fortunately, I'm lucky to have those safe and loving spaces/people in my life. 


Heatwave was written at the end of 2019 when the bushfires were rife across Australia. I was going through a distressing time, and witnessing the widespread impact of the fires put everything into perspective. 

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Amid that challenging time, I experienced a moment of clarity—a humbling realisation that my own problems, which had consumed much of my year, paled in comparison to the magnitude of the crisis affecting the entire country. It was a powerful reminder of the perspective I had lost, and it served as a wake-up call to the bigger issues at hand and ultimately contributed to a change in perspective amongst my own struggles. 

Breathing Again 

I distinctly remember writing Breathing Again with Charlie McClean at Kobalt Studios in LA after a hectic SXSW (2022) and feeling overwhelmed by a waterfall of happy/sad emotions… Charlie really gently helped coax them out of me in a way where I didn't need to be specific or elaborate in any detail, which was really nice.

The song, to me, is about a moment of clarity or relief in the midst of healing from something - the sometimes fleeting feeling that it is, in fact, going to be okay; for me, those moments provide a lot of hope. It's refreshing, relieving and sometimes exciting to feel, especially if it’s felt heavy and dark for so long.

I think finding a space where you can genuinely smile, breathe, and just exist after grief is a testament to your own resilience because even though you may still be going through it, you’re finding room around it to seek hope & happiness, and I think that's brave. 


Stay was written for a friend who was going through a challenging period with their mental health. Back then, I found myself at a loss, unsure of how else I could be there for them. The fear for their well-being weighed heavily on me, and it was during this time I wrote the song. It was ultimately a song from me to them, but in retrospect, it also became a way for me to navigate and confront my own feelings surrounding my worries about the situation. 

Eventually, I had to establish some boundaries and prioritise my own well-being, which led to a shift in our closeness. Nevertheless, I often think of them and wish them nothing but happiness and peace in their life. I really hope that this song reaches those who need to hear it and can offer solace and encouragement during hard times. 

On a personal level, it is also a gentle reminder for me that even the darkest and most overwhelming thoughts are transient. 

We Run 

We Run came to life through a virtual writing session (cheers Zoom!) with Pip Norman during the pandemic. I took my first shot at writing a love song dedicated to my incredible fiancé. I wanted to celebrate the love, unwavering respect, and mutual support that defines our relationship, even in the face of individual struggles and the challenges we've tackled together. 

I also very much wanted the song to radiate a sense of celebration and honour to the wider queer community and its ongoing journey—a homage to those who have paved the way for us, as well as encouragement for those currently navigating the pressures and/or fears that come with coming out.

MANE’s new EP, Caught In The Undertow, is out now. You can listen to it below.