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Mach Pelican: The Great Pulsate.

16 December 2002 | 1:00 am | Bianca Valentino
Originally Appeared In

Beat It Back.

Mach Pelican play the Waterloo Hotel on Friday, the Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay on Saturday and the Rose’n’Crown, Surfers Paradise on Sunday. Pulsate To The Back Beat is in stores now.

“'It was a great show, I really enjoyed that,” Mach Pelican's drummer Toshi comments on the last time they were in Brisbane playing with Supersnazz.

“We've played 500 shows in five years; we're getting ready for a Japanese tour. The scene in Japan is really big but it's still underground you know. For bands like us singing in English it's really hard to get on the top 40 charts over there. They have hundreds of venues over there but space wise, I think it came from the price of the land; it is very expensive. So having a venue in Japan is kind of expensive which means the band actually pays to play in the venue. It's pretty much different from the pub deal in Australia.”

Upon their return from abroad, Mach Pelican are set to release their new album, Pulsate To The Back Beat.

“It has 12 tracks. The concept is kind of like 'wall of sound' meets Beach Boys plus The Ramones’ End Of The Century kind of thing. We tried to make it popper then last record. The first album was more of a live album but this time it's more of a studio album. We're really really happy with the way it's come out. I really like working with our producer he's done a very good job for us.”

There's been quite a break between albums.

“Mainly because we've been touring a lot, we've been touring really much. We've worked so hard it's just really hard to get songs together and stuff when we're on tour.”

There return from Japan will also see them touring throughout Australia in support of the album.

“We're touring Australia in early November, will be going up to Brisbane as well. We'll be going to all the major cities first it'll take three weeks then we try to hook up a tour with New Zealand band called D4. Then hopefully a band from Melbourne called The Casanova's we're going to try and do a whole national tour together. I also just talked to a guy from Frenzal Rhomb. They're looking for a new bass player once they put it all together they want to tour with us so there might be a chance of a tour with Frenzal Rhomb as well.”

The new Mach pelican CD will be something everyone should have in their collection.

“What we are trying to do is keep the tradition of rock n roll alive from 60s, 70s to 21 century... it's rock itself. If you like rock you got nothing to lose just go buy the record. I recommend it,” Toshi concludes laughing.