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LOSER List Top Five Career Moments From 2022

5 December 2022 | 2:35 pm | Craig Selak

It's been a wild year for indie punk-rockers LOSER, so we've asked them to pick out their top five career moments that have stood out from the rest.


5. Finishing Ghost Of Tsushima

Perhaps not specifically career-related, but both Tim and I fell in love with the video game Ghost Of Tsushima, which is basically Red Dead 2 but with Samurais - epic. Finally finishing this game was both unreal and sad at the same time cause I didn't want it to end.

4. Surviving

This year we've had three band members leave. One to start a family, one due to anxiety and one due to a personal epiphany that saw them leave rock & roll to become a blues musician exclusively. So one of our highlights has been simply continuing to exist and put out new music with so many changes both internally and in the world around us. Shout out to all the bands/artists out there doing it tough but hanging in there!

3. Touring with BUGS and VOIID

Throughout the first half of this year, we were lucky enough to complete our first national tour of Aus since the pandemic, and to top it off, we did it with BUGS and VOIID! To say that all three bands instantly hit it off would be a gross understatement. It truly was one of those life-changing tours where you make awesome friendships with everyone you travelled with. All the shows were epic as well!

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2. Supporting Violent Soho on their final shows

Like so many others, Violent Soho (both the music and the individuals) have profoundly changed our lives. They've been heroes, mentors and friends to us for such a long time and to open for them and DZ Deathrays on Soho's final shows was an absolute honour. Tim from our band also got to fill in for Soho on guitar for one show earlier this year as well. What a trip. Long live Violent Soho!

1. Recording and releasing our latest EP Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget

This new batch of music coming from Loser-land marks the first release that we've recorded, engineered, produced and mixed ourselves. We did it all in our own backyard studio called Restless Noise, and it was such a fun and challenging experience. We learned a heap and are super proud of the songs. This one is being released in a song-by-song 'Netflix' style - where it's not a string of singles but an entire body of work that is designed to flow as a whole, presented piece by piece. 

The first two tracks from Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget are out now. You can stream and download them here