Limited Edition: Gelato Messina Sweet As

12 November 2015 | 2:32 pm | Staff Writer

From today (12 Nov) until a week from now, there's a sweet as limited edition flavour at all Gelato Messina stores. It's called Sweet As, actually, and it's a collab between Gelato Messina and Tourism New Zealand.

It's part of the 'Inspired by Wellington' campaign which saw Messina founder Nick Palumbo visit Wellington for some inspiration for the limited edition flavour, which features smoked peanut gelato layered with lychee meringue, passionfruit and gewurztraminer gel. The gel was inspired by Palumbo's participation in a wine-tasting tour at Poppies Vineyard in Martinborough.

Palumbo says the Sweet As flavour "reflects Wellington's people, places and vibrant culture".

"Wellington is a city I've wanted to visit for years. It has a unique feel and vibe, with its varied collections of art, hidden bars and restaurants."

Get Sweet As all over your tastebuds before it's only a delicious memory, never to be eaten again.

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