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Single Focus: Leoh

4 May 2016 | 5:31 pm | Bob Gordon

Leoh launch their debut single, Girlz, on Friday, May 6, at the North Fremantle Bowls Club. Singer/songwriter, Franca Dobbins, brings us up to date.

Tell us a bit about the first single, Girlz?

Girlz is one of many songs I’ve written about arguing with friends. However in particular, it’s about arguing with girls, and their tendency to let emotions dictate the argument. Once emotions start ruling rational people, the argument turns into something completely irrelevant to the real problem and so we turn in to babbling idiots. We expend countless energy on fighting, when being calm and rational would solve the problem more efficiently.

I wrote Girlz as an acoustic solo song, so when I introduced it to the band it was pretty filled out. It was great to hear it stripped back to a solid rhythm section so that I could relax into the guitar parts a little better. It also meant we could include more synth to drive home that messy feeling.

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You have about an album of material recorded, what are the rest of the songs like?

There are a few more upbeats songs designed around some pretty simple guitar licks and a solid rhythm section. There are also a few songs that revolve more closely around the lyrics and more complicated guitar work. In these songs, the band acts as more of a support for the more intense parts of the songs. These have very strong emotional tones delivered with firm hearts. There’s a good balance between the heart-wrenchers, and also the heart-lifters.

You've been writing songs since the age of 12, it's clearly something you've been drawn to and continues to fascinate you. Discuss…

Songwriting has always been a way of expressing myself. I like to think of myself as a introspective and analytical person. So I usually explore ideas and emotions through my music. This does mean that many songs I write never get played a second time, because they’ve served their purpose. I always like a good challenge too, so I also use songwriting as inspiration to better my technical skills, and also explore new concepts. I expect I will forever be fascinated because I will always maintain a curious mind, and forever need a form of expression for it.

With the single out now, what are the plans ahead for the rest of 2016?

Release more songs, maybe a couple more singles then and EP? We'll play some gigs and take any opportunities that come our way. Mostly, we plan to have fun.

Originally published in X-Press Magazine