Launch Pad: Dam Few

16 August 2012 | 4:00 am | Staff Writer

On the Launch Pad this week. Dam Few!

Give a brief rundown of the history of your act from day one to now: So, there's three of us, Dean Turner (Drums), Angus Dawson (Dad, Guitar) and Michael Chmielewski (Mum, Guitar). Dean and Angus went to primary school together and jammed all the time. Then they parted ways and went to different high schools, where Angus met Michael and suddenly, something clicked. On the first meeting of Dam Few we wrote our first song, which we thought was awesome but we later found out that it sucked worse than Rebecca Black. Ever since then we've been writing, sharing the stage with the likes of Drapht, Sugar Army, The Brow Horn Orchestra, The Novocaines and recording in an attempt to write a few better songs. With our double a-side Scarlett/Animosity we think we have succeeded… twice. Probably not though.

Tell us about your release:

The release is a double a-side, as in, only two songs. The tracks titles are Scarlett and Animosity, hence the CD's name, pretty crazy right? We began recording three songs some time ago, which turned into five songs with the addition of the two that would later become our release, but one day we were all like, 'Hey, these first three songs are shit'. So, like an old and worn-out toy we discarded the other three, and poured our love and devotion into our new favourite toys and came out with Scarlett/Animosity. Ironically enough, we have now refurbished two of the discarded three songs (or toys, to keep the analogy going) that we set aside and now, they're good as new and we are playing with them every night.

Tell us about your launch party: $10 and you get entry and a free copy of Scarlett/Animosity. Oh, and it's gonna be rad. Not sure how we did it but somehow we pulled together an amazing support line-up. Jacob Diamond is to open, with his sweet and sultry tunes that will surely swoon our guests into a musically sexual frenzy. Next up, Patient Little Sister is full folk band form which will almost surely make you wet your pants... because they're good, very good, too good even? After that, Dead Owls, be sure to bring a spare pair of socks as well as jocks; if you don't know why, then you clearly haven't heard their song Final Thoughts. Finally, rock royalty Harlequin League will take the stage and make our very existence look like child-play. Somehow after this w are going to have to play, it would seem pointless to even try after these four simply amazing acts. Nonetheless, we'll give it a red hot go.

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What's next for your act? After being put to shame by our own line-up at our own show we'll probably lose all hope and die away like many bands before us. Nah, c'mon, after the launch we'll be writing, gigging and recording like never before.