Last Dinosaurs European Vacation Part Two

24 May 2012 | 4:06 pm | Last Dinosaurs

A 'Wilson' moment, Dick In A Box, Liverpool Indie bands, "More of those fucking canals" and romantic Paris.

Since we last checked in with you we have been through four countries AND four soccer balls... two fell prey to the roof (I nearly died rescuing one, only to lose it again a day later), one exploded... we are cherishing our fourth as though it was our own flesh and blood.

Our tour with Electric Guest is going really well, those guys are ballers (fun fact: lead singer Asa is the brother of Jorma from Lonely Island... AND he co-wrote Dick in a Box... so there you go). The tour has taken us all over the UK including Manchester - the home of perhaps the most pivotal figure in history... Karl Pilkington, and Liverpool - where some irrelevant indie band called The Beetles or something formed (I spelt it wrong on purpose you dicks).

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We then crossed under the English channel and drove to Amsterdam, where we played the best show of the trip so far... the room was boiling hot (felt like home) and the crowd was insane. Followed that up with a 3am performance on 3FM National Radio and TV with some guy called Giel (pronounce hhhhhcccchhhheeel). Amsterdam is probably the most beautiful city i've ever been to, we sampled all the local delights, and took photos of about 46 canals (that shit never gets old).

We are now in Paris (where this entry is being written), the weather is romantically dismal and pathetic. We hired some bikes and rode for 20 minutes before the heavens opened up, then stuck to the metro. We are playing to a sold out crowd tomorrow and then it's off to Germany (don't mention the war... I mentioned it once, but i think i got away with it).
Le Peace
Sam Gethin-Jones