European Vacation: Part 3

8 June 2012 | 4:26 pm | Last Dinosaurs

Sore testicles and ?uestlove's brother-in-law are amongst the highlights on the latest leg of Last Dinosaurs' Eurotrip.

We've spent a lot of this trip on the back of hire bikes. We cycled through Paris at midnight (i love a good cliche), rode through hyde park (dodging very jubilant englishmen and women celebrating queen bette's 60th year as top dog), and cycled along the remains of the berlin wall. Sadly we've said goodbye to our touring buddies Electric Guest after a run of great shows together. They were great lads and are definitely worth checking out if you are going to Splendour in the Grass.

Last Dinosaurs bike

We're now back in the UK for our last few shows. This week we've played Field Day followed by three shows for Dot to Dot festival in Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester (one of which was played on a boat). Our awesome UK label Fiction created a little promo tool for our festival appearances called "The Dinobike". Pedalling the bike powers headphones that play tracks from our album, people have been getting a kick out of it and are discovering our music at the same time. Our football rivalry is still alive and well, we've found these concrete soccer courts where some hellish matches have been staged. My testicles have felt the wrath of Lach's lethal left boot twice now. 

On the beach

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Currently enjoying some downtime in Brighton where we've been hanging out with ?uestlove's brother in law... seriously though. Last night we just sat at the bar with glazed over expressions as he talked about Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Spike Lee and many more like they were family. He brought his mate along who was equally as interesting, he's some wicked martial artist who has sparred with Chow Yun Fat and knows of 180 pressure points in the human body.

Less than two weeks left and only four shows to go. Looking forward to seeing home soon, but have had the best time (did i mention we played a gig on a boat?)!