Have You Heard - Lange Theory

24 April 2012 | 11:20 am | Staff Writer

Welcome to Lange Theory, they own Halloween parties.

Your music is…?
Reggae-infused folk with hints of psychedelia.

Which acts inspired you to produce your own music and why?
Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Kooii, Jimi Hendrix, Tame Impala, The Beatles, The Doors.

What's your wildest ambition for your music?
To play at all the major festivals around the globe.

Why should we come and see you?
Because you will leave with a smile from ear to ear.

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How do you find the local live scene?
Our live scene on the beaches isn't fantastic but it's deeper in the city, so it's one of the best music scenes in the country. The range of sounds coming out of Sydney at the moment caters for all. One thing I do wish is to see some more of the amazing reggae bands from the Queensland area playing around here. 

What's your greatest rock'n'roll moment?
Rockin' out at a close mate's Halloween house party with over 200 crazy-looking teenagers dancing and smiling.

For more info see:
www.facebook.com/pages/Lange-Theory/162564380432910 or www.jameslange.com.au.

Next available at:
Youth Fest 2012 is actually our last gig for a little while as we are taking a short break to work on new and more exciting songs. So we hope to make it one hell of a show. We'll be playing at Dee Why Beach on Sunday 29 April.