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Just Visiting: Spank Rock

19 October 2015 | 11:13 am | Artist Submission

"Party like a dickhead."

Why are you coming to visit our fair country? To fuck shit up with my Boys Noize Records family, party like a dickhead, and support my new EP The Upside.

Is this your first visit? Nah yo. 

How long are you here for? Two weeks. Playing amazing shows an recording with one of the sickest producers from Melbourne Swick Swick.

What do you know about Australia, in ten words or less? It has the most deadliest animals in the world. 

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Any extra-curricular activities you hope to participate in while here? Eating dumplings.

What will you be taking home as a souvenir? The souls of all your millennials.

Where can we come say hi, and buy you an Aussie beer?

NSW: 24 Oct, Motorik @ Jam Gallery

VIC: 31 Oct, Northcote Social Club