Just Visiting: Kenta Hayashi

19 November 2015 | 4:16 pm | Artist Submission


Name: Kenta Hayashi

Why are you coming to visit our fair country? I wanna come rock your socks off! Ha ha. But I really want to bring smiles and joys and peace and love with my music to Australia! I believe you are going to dig it!

Is this your first visit? My second time. I was an exchange student when I was 13, and stayed in Townsville for 10 days.

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How long are you here for? A month. I'd love to stay longer, so I will come back for sure! Next time I will tour in the West side as well :) I'm very excited to come perform!

What do you know about Australia, in ten words or less? Ayers Rock, beautiful nature, great music, kangaroos, beers, koalas, spiritual.

Any extra-curricular activities you hope to participate in while here? Anything with art and music I'd love to do! I'd love to collaborate with traditional and exotic musicians.

What will you be taking home as a souvenir? A cassowary! Just kidding. Mmmm some blasting extreme experiences which grow my musical creation :) and Australian beers & wines!! :)

Where can we come say hi, and buy you an Aussie beer? Nov 29 Solbar, Sunshine Coast. Dec 1 The Bearded Lady, Brisbane. Dec 5 Subsonic Music, Sydney. Dec 10 Bar303, Melbourne

Website link for more info? http://kentahayashi.com/schedule/