VIDEO PREMIERE: Joe Mungovan - 'Soaking Up The Sunshine'

18 May 2021 | 10:34 am | Joe Dolan

"Everything in the Airbnb had been labeled, including the garbage bin."

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NSW artist Joe Mungovan is back with a brand new single, Soaking Up The Sunshine - with the video premiering right here at The Music.

The dreamy pop track is a joyous ode to summer nights and coastal road trips, with the video showcasing some of Mungovan’s muso mates vibing out to the new tune. 

“We pretty much just had a big '70s dress up party,” he told The Music of the filming process. “It took us a lot longer than we originally planned as most people couldn’t remember the dance moves, but we got there in the end.”

The songwriting and recording process, Mungovan states, was a journey in of itself, and quite literally took him to some interesting places in the process.

"I started writing this track when I was living out at Kangaroo Valley in a small house that I’d converted into a studio,” Mungovan reminisced. “I recorded the majority of the song there. My friend Tim Carr and I then puzzled together the final pieces in a very random Airbnb in Berkeley. Everything in the Airbnb had been labeled, including the garbage bin. I also got my friend Tom Smithson (Kava Kings, Tommy Gunn) to come and lay down some trumpet.

"Soaking Up The Sunshine is about a classic Australian road trip; travelling up and down the coastline, soaking up the rays during the day and drinking wine around a fire at night. 

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"Unfortunately, this particular trip was put to an end early due to the COVID situation getting quite serious half way through. The girl I was travelling with had to fly back to Germany before the borders closed.  While writing this track I was reminiscing on the good times that we spent together before everything was turned upside down."

Check out the video above and find out more about Mungovan below.