Jay Hoad

2 April 2012 | 8:01 am | Staff Writer

Your sound: The live show is a very funky and high-energy performance that sees Jay sitting in a cockpit of instruments including didgeridoos, Weissenborn lap steel, dulcimer, guitar, harmonica, ocarina, percussion, loops, djembe, voice and then some. Mouth, hands and feet work in harmony as Jay fuses many genres and unusual instruments to create a sound that's hard to believe comes from just one person. Effortless incorporation of loop stations allows Jay to go from one instrument to the next, creating a dramatic visual for the listener portraying a sound that can be compared to a large band. Jay's shows are always unique from one night to the next; he has a vast range of repertoire and prides himself on his consistent high energy 'play every night like it's your last' vibe, always giving his audiences complete respect and a deeply heart felt performance.

Around since: 2007.

Band's greatest strength? Touring non-stop around the globe, covering as many genres of music as possible.

Worst gig ever and why? Pubs where they spill heaps of beer on your equipment. Sucks because it's great when people rock out right up to the stage, but between getting electrocuted and paying for everything to get fixed the next day… not so cool!

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Best gig ever and why? Touring with The Wailers, just cause they are so cool and inspirational. Also Fiji, Caribbean and south east Asia 'cause the people are so lovely and unbelievably grateful that you have come to play for them.

Best achievement? Being an independent musician and going where ever we want to tour and record anytime.

Any gig in history which would it be and why? Toss up between Hendrix at Woodstock, or a Led Zeppelin show with Bonham.

Fave hangover cure? A beer.

Fave Perth bands? Rose Parker 'cause her voice completely inspires me.

Fave bands from your state? The Kavaholoics from Pacific Harbour in Fiji. The Transatlantics and Adam Page from SA.

Biggest bands you've supported? The Wailers, The Temptations, The Drifters, Carbon Leaf.

Our ultimate groupie would be…anyone that really digs my tunes.

Fame for your band would mean…doing bigger and better shows and more music festivals, which is always a great thing.

Any members play in other bands? Always freelancing with any bands I can.

Any releases out? Stories For The Soul is my second and most recent album, released in October 2011 by MGM.

Any releases on their way? New EP out later this year, first single called Like Gremlins out mid May.

More info: Jayhoad.com.