Jason & Luke from Sunk Loto chat about band legacy and their upcoming shows!

16 June 2022 | 9:43 am | Tim Price
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Pricey sat down for a zoom call chat with Luke and Jason from Sunk Loto about their reformation, their band legacy and their upcoming sold-out shows - and the prospect of new tunes from Sunk Loto!

(Luke Henery)

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If you, like most heavy music fans in Australia have done at some point, sat around THAT BBQ table (you know the one, with the glass top from Bunnings), ash tray in the middle, black rat in a stubby cooler in hand, and debated "Waddya reckon is the best heavy Aussie album of all time?", it’s inevitable that Sunk Loto’s releases Big Picture Lies and Between Birth and Death would be brought up.  And rightly so.

Now they're back, Pricey sat down and asked them about the return, what those early days were like and what people can expect.

For those wondering what the sampler VHS was, it was this - Sunk Loto, Frenzal Rhomb, Mudvayne, Spineshank and System of A Down. What a time.

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Check them out on tour (if there are any tickets left!) along with The Last Martyr and Osaka Punch!