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10 December 2015 | 4:43 pm | Staff Writer
Originally Appeared In chats with Sydney's Irrelevant ahead of their one-off return at Gingerfest.

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Sydney noughties staples Irrelevant are coming out of retirement to perform at this month's Gingerfest. Equally well-received by the nostalgic as well as a new crop of listeners, the locals remain highly regarded. We had a quick fire chat with Mick Anderson about the MySpace days...and learning the old songs again.

You have your one-off reunion show coming up at Gingerfest. What’s the transition like slotting back into performing the old songs? Are they simply embedded or are there growing pains trying to re-learn everything?

It has been good, actually. Yeah, the songs are in there somewhere. It all comes back after a few runs through. Some songs take a little longer but it's all there.

While being in a band is a significant part of a musician’s career, unless you’re the Rolling Stones, it’s usually not for a long time. What have you been doing to keep busy the past couple of years?

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It has been different for everyone, Ben and Nick have been making children to start their own Jackson 5 metal band. Daiman lives in Melbourne and has just been waiting for the new Star Wars [film] and playing computer games, [while] Joel’s importing hot sauce and I’ve just got back from a few years in Tamworth trying to break into the country scene. There is some truth to all of these things but basically we’ve all been working. Clip for Breathing Flame, Blackened Tongueenjoy

Posted by Irrelevant on Sunday, November 8, 2015

How big has the temptation been to return in a more permanent capacity over the years?

Very small. It’s not on the radar for any of us.

As people get older their music tastes invariably change. How involved are you with the current day punk/hardcore scene as a general listener and/or fan?

Joel’s probably the most up to speed [of us]. If I hear of a new band I'll call him and ask him what they are like.

I saw you linked, via Facebook recently, to a video of you guys performing at Hardcore 2001. 14 years on, while no doubt nostalgic, how do you feel when watching and reflecting on the band’s infancy?

Looking back on it all, it seems like such a blur now. We were always in the van on our way to somewhere, rehearsing or playing. They were great times, we had a ball. It was all a million miles an hour.

Irrelevant was prominent during the MySpace days. What are you observations on social media as a tool to promote a band nowadays?

I think its great, but it [also] has a lot to answer for. There is so much smoke and mirrors with it but hey, everything changes. When we started we had to send demo tapes to pubs to get shows.

What have been some new bands that have captured your interest over the last 12 months?

Ah, man your asking the wrong guy there, (laughs) I dig Postblue’s stuff. Great song writing.

Thanks for the quick chat, Mick. Appreciate your time.

No problem, thank you.

Catch Irrelevant at Gingerfest this month. Dates and details via