Six Pack: Ironside

11 April 2012 | 11:14 am | Tony McMahon

Straight up garage rock’n’rollers Ironside have taken three years to make their debut EP. If even a tenth of what they say in this interview is true, the launch will be an event seriously not be missed.

Why such a long wait for Ironside's debut record? Just the usual reasons, according to drummer Graham Brown.

“The GFC, the many changes of government, the persistently inclement summer weather and fact that we were waiting to enter some of our works into this year's Premier's Literary Awards, but alas that is no longer an option. Thanks Newman!”

As a result of its usual MO of digging for dirt on acts that Ironside have supported, Time Off discovers some things it would have probably rather not have. Guitarist vocalist Daniel Kuhle tells a sordid tale replete with many an arse crack.

“Supporting Raygun Mortlock was probably my career highlight and I still can't believe they actually asked us to play with them. X were awesome guys and it was great hanging out backstage with them snorting miscellaneous white powders out of their arse cracks. Grong Grong are possibly the smelliest band I've ever snorted miscellaneous white powders out of the arse cracks of, and rumour has it that they were all involved in a Roman-style orgy with Severe Noise Entertainment founder and CEO James S Doyle's mother.”

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