In Focus: The Vernons

29 October 2015 | 4:37 pm | Artist Submission

"So long as we are playing music and doing what we love, nothing else really matters to us."

Answered by: Jonny Nyst

Role: Singer

How long have you been together? Over four years now.

How did you all meet? We all met at separate times. James [Nikko, lead guitarist] and I have known each other for a while and we have picked up the others along the way.

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You're on tour in the van — which band or artist is going to keep the most people happy if we throw them on the stereo? Tough call. We listen to a lot of different music. I myself have just back into the early Strokes stuff so if I get a chance I'll probably throw that on.

Would you rather be a busted broke-but-revered Hank Williams figure or some kind of Metallica monster? So long as we are playing music and doing what we love, nothing else really matters to us. So I guess we will go with Hank.

Which Brisbane bands before you have been an inspiration (musically or otherwise)? We were all big fans of Powderfinger back in the day. Nowadays though, we see bands every week that wow and inspire us. There is so much talent going around Brisbane, it's crazy.

What part do you think Brisbane plays in the music you make? To be honest I'm not really sure it does, but Brisbane has played a massive role in what we have been able to do and the experiences we have had to date. It is a very encouraging, tight-knit community.

Is your band responsible for more make-outs or break-ups? Why? It's been just over four years and we are still going strong, so I'd have to say the former.

What reality TV show would you enter as a band and why? The Biggest Loser. Watching us do temptation would make great television.

If your band had to play a team sport instead of being musicians which sport would it be and why would you be triumphant? Tough question. We are pretty big sports fans. Probably triple jump, because Hugh [Tate, bassist] was once very good at it and took it quite seriously. The rest of us will encourage and motivate, which will be an entirely new experience.

What's in the pipeline for the band in the short term? We have our tour coming up during November and then we will be heading back into the studio for some upcoming releases in the new year! 5 Nov, Miami Marketta; 6 Nov, Woolly Mammoth.

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