Hottest 100 Game: Drink Up If/When...

13 January 2016 | 3:26 pm | Staff Writer

- Anyone mentions Drake

- You can hear anyone shouting "YEAH!" or "WOO!" when the presenters call a Hottest 100 party

- Someone spills their drink

- Someone says, "How the fuck did this get in???"

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- Someone guesses the next song correctly

- A song receives a "YESSSS!" or similar when it comes on

- Someone gets pushed into the pool

- Someone has to piss in the corner of the garden because they're too busting to wait for the person in the dunny to finish

- Someone gets a food stain on their clothes

- Something gets burnt on the BBQ

- Two people who aren't a couple get their pash on

- Bathers slip off accidentally (or due to intoxication)

- Neighbours complain about the noise

- Anyone does any of the following dance moves: shopping trolley, sprinkler, whip/nae nae, fist pump, air guitar, sad attempts to twerk

- Someone turns pink way too early on in the day because their pasty ass couldn't be fucked with sun protection