Loudly Retro

25 April 2012 | 11:13 pm | Dave Drayton

In the Back To The Future cinematic trilogy a device known as 'The Mr Fusion Home Energy Reactor' is used by Doc Brown to convert household waste into power for the Delorean time machine's flux capacitor and time circuits using nuclear fusion. While he doesn't rely on household waste, DJ Tom Loud has found an equally environmentally-benevolent energy source for his own time-travelling device, the Hot Dub Time Machine.

“Hot Dub Time Machine is the world's first time-travelling dance party, and it's a dance party with a bit of a twist; we travel backwards in time to 1954 and then party our way back to 2012 listening to all the great music and dancing through time,” the DJ explains.

“Hot Dub is a top-secret carbon-neutral energy source, so the time machine is powered by it, and it's generated by people dancing and having a good time. It's incredibly environmentally friendly. So we'll be travelling through time based on how awesome people are dancing and each decade we go through there are different 'power-up' dance moves that people can use to give their boogie an extra power-up and keep us moving through time. If the party keeps rocking, we keep moving and if the party stops rocking we get stuck in time, which can often happen in the '80s, and no one wants that.”

The question must be asked, why, if this groundbreaking DJ has found the secret to time travel, is he using it for dance parties and not world domination? Or gambling? Back To The Future certainly proved the profit in that…

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“I think there is a greater need for a really good dance party than there is a need for world domination, you know? A lot of the parties, a lot of that scene has gotten a little bit stale and a little bit elitist, and there aren't too many nights you can go to if you're in your thirties or forties – or even if you're in your twenties – and you want to hear a bunch of different music. There's a real gap there, so we're using this new technology to fill that gap and create an awesome party.”

To try and discover just how different the music on offer will be on this decades-spanning dance crusade, Loud offered up his top three party jams of all time. “Definitely Salt'n'Pepper's Push It!” comes an immediate, if obvious, number one. “Satisfaction by the Stones, I'll put that in there definitely. And I'm going to throw in the theme to Ship To Shore because I play that and people go bananas!”