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19 February 2016 | 11:34 am | Staff Writer
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Killyourstereo.com chats with Adelaide outfit, Horror My Friend.

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Adelaide post-punk trio Horror My Friend introduced themselves with debut LP 'Stay In, Do Nothing' this January. Signed to respected indie label Poison City Records, the locals delivered a record that killyourstereo.com described as a "poignant play through." Currently performing across the country, we caught up with the band to discuss the busy (and productive) period.

The debut LP is out now. I’ve seen the band plug a few reviews on your socials. How actively do you seek out and source opinion of your music? Or, is it simply a case of, ‘we’re happy with it, so the rest is irrelevant’?

I think we definitely would've been happy with the album regardless of the reviews that came through, but I suppose it is somewhat validating having someone else say that they like it, no matter whether it is a random person or a reviewer. It's just great if someone likes something that you've created.

You still have quite a few shows coming up this month. What are the expectations going into the performances?

Going into the shows, we really had no idea. Generally, we know that the Adelaide shows will be great (hometown advantage), but we don't really go into interstate shows expecting much other than getting some great bands and treating it more like a holiday. But in saying that, we played through NSW/ACT/QLD last week and they were some of the best interstate (headline) shows we'd ever played. The album really seems to have made a difference.

Adelaide, and to an extent Perth too, are the cities that often get overlooked for shows these days when promoters cite financial considerations. What’s your impression of the current Adelaide live music scene?

I suppose, within certain groups, there seems to be a culture of not going out to see live music at all, but I'd imagine this would happen everywhere. I think it's more of a population thing, it's a smaller city, so the amount of people who would go and see certain bands is smaller.

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What would you like to see improved to help up and coming bands?

Maybe some kind of alternative to Triple J, especially after the station has changed over the years. While Triple J definitely does support up and coming bands, I think there is a need for a national station that is more in support of current, up and coming alternative music.

What are some things you learned from supporting the likes of Tigers Jaw, Dune Rates, British India etc. previously?

Play as hard as you possibly can at every show, tour heaps, work hard in general, and don't expect everything to be easy.

Also, similarly speaking, what insights did you gather from Bigsound in 2015, perhaps from an industry perspective?

That networking and playing in front of the right people is almost as important as just being a good band.

I also read on a Facebook post, around the time of Stay In, Do Nothing’s release, that you were happy just being able to play shows when you first began as a band. How much have you re-evaluated your future goals following the positive reception?

I suppose we're just trying to push the band way more than we were before, which means we've had to put some other things in our lives on hold - Uni, careers, moving out, getting real jobs, becoming real adults.

What are the plans for the next 12 months?

Tour as much as humanly possible and write another album.

'Stay In, Do Nothing' is out now via Poison City Records. You can read our album review here.

Catch Horror My Friend on the remaining dates of their album tour.