Hidden Treasures Winter Music Series: Fisher & Son

28 June 2016 | 2:40 pm | Staff Writer

Answered by: Tom Fisher (son)

What can punters expect from your Hidden Treasures show?  A mix of my songs, dad's songs over the years and a few of our combined influences and favourites. Everything from soul to bluegrass really - a real mixed bag.

What is it about Fremantle that produces so much talent? Dad's theory is many of the baby boomer Western Suburbs musos/hippies (Like Dad) moved to Fremantle in the mid-to-late '70s and really had an influence on the arts and culture. In turn, new generations spawned from this (like me). I also believe that in the WA climate you have to be good to get gigs and make a show of it due to the small number of venues compared to say Melbourne or Sydney. I lived over East and toured with a Melbourne act for two years, anyone with a cool haircut and a scarf can get a gig as they are spoiled for venues and punters. In Perth/Fremantle you need to be good at your craft and pushing yourself. Hence the high quality of acts.

What other acts on the line-up should people check out and why? All of them, haha. The Program is great. Kill Devil Hills doing Heathen Songs; Maurice Flavel, Dave Brewer, Flairz reunion and some bloke called Tim Rogers worth a look too! Oh and Fisher & Son, those guys are amazing.

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Highlights from other years? Had a great show with my band Tom Fisher & The Layabouts a few years back and played bass for dad doing his stuff. Really enjoyed the first year as was the first time I saw the inside of a lot of those venues, and I have lived in Freo all my life. The venues are a huge part of the whole concept.

What else are you working on right now? Currently tracking some pre-production stuff for The Layabouts next release which is coming on nicely. Dad is rumoured to be reforming one of his most famed Freo bands for another great Freo event in October. Keep an ear out, but a bit hush, hush at the moment.

When & where: 14 Jul, Navy Club

Website link for more info: Facebook.com/tomfisherandthelayabouts/