Have You Heard: Shameem

24 July 2012 | 4:45 am | Staff Writer

Get to know Shameem a little more.



Your music is…?

Soul with a '90s sensibility, infused with jazz flavours and elements of '70s funk!

Which acts inspired you to produce your own music and why?

Sting and Michael Jackson – what great songwriters!, Alicia Keys – 'cause she plays piano and sings soul, Erykah Badu and Jill Scott – it's R&B with a respectful nod to jazz, and way back in the day it was Jewel – a good poet and a real storyteller. 

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What's your wildest ambition for your music?

Touring globally. And then re-jig Woodstock! Haha.

Why should we come and see you?

For the stories, and for the band. I'm fortunate enough to play with a really slick, happening bunch of guys who will totally blow you away with their jazzy awesomeness… and the music we play is all about taking the audience on an emotional journey; each song is a heartfelt story.

How do you find the local live scene?

In Sydney? I don't really know because it's my first time playing in Sydney! But we've had amazing support from the radio stations in Sydney, and we're really looking forward to this tour.  

What's your greatest rock'n'roll moment?

We've played packed-out venues, filled up dance floors and I've signed autographs, but the best moment of all is when someone cries while listening to your music. Touching hearts – that's what it's all about.

For more info see:

www.shameemmusic.com – all my music, videos, news and everything is there!

Next available at:

Friday 27 July at El Rocco. If you want us to come back for another one, let us know on Facebook or Twitter or get in touch through our website!