Have You Been To: The Town

4 March 2016 | 3:52 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Michael Scarlett

Why should punters visit you? We build a colourful mock town on one of the lushest sites in Victoria. The set design, dress-ups and performers make it really special. Plus we have a flying fox going to the dancefloor.

What's the history of the event? Last year was its first. It came from years of doing immersive events at warehouses and an Environment Park.

Any advice for first timers who want to visit the event? Bring heaps of dress-ups. Pack light and set up things that bring your suburb to life. Try to visit all the themed spaces. Bring your own mailbox, spread mischief, get fake married and have fun!

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Do you have any plans for the event in the future? Bring more and more crazy ideas to life; this year we have a newspaper and a mock TV show happening so the sky is the limit. Also for it to be a perfect model for what makes a sustainable town. 

When and where for your next event? 25 — 28 Mar at Charnwood Camp.

Website link for more info? culturejam.com.au