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Have You Been To: The Terrace

15 September 2015 | 3:11 pm | Artist Submission

"The Terrace is a new pop-up creative space launching Art & About for 2015/16."

Answered by: Amy Jayawardene

Address: Sydney Town Hall

What's the capacity? 300

Why should punters visit you? The Terrace is a hidden gem off Sydney Town Hall that will become your springtime space from 18 — 27 September.

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What's the best thing about the venue? We've got Amber Road designing a green, relaxed space for the diverse line-up of Sydney live acts playing each night and it is all free! (Apart from the food and drink, sorry.)

What's the history of the venue? The Town Hall has been around for over 140 years, but The Terrace is a new pop-up creative space launching Art & About for 2015/16, and the new annual program of projects replacing the previous three-week festival format.

What is your venue doing to help the local music scene? We've got a range of Sydney live acts playing nightly, and local DJs providing the soundtrack to the evening too. 

What are some of the highlights? Jones Jnr will perform 18 Sep. Past live acts to launch Art & About Sydney include The Bamboos, The Morrisons, Van She and Paul Mac.

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