Have You Been To: Frankie's Pizza By The Slice

15 December 2015 | 12:02 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Jordan McDonald

Address: 50 Hunter St, Sydney

What's the capacity? 400

Why should punters visit you? We're fun 'til late every single night. Plus there are no nasty surprises, all rock'n'roll, all the time.

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What's the best thing about the venue? Free and consistently killer curation of live music. Pizza 'til 3am. Crazy beers, etc, etc.

What's the history of the venue? This space was a historically pretty violent and shitty joint. We've turned all that upside down with Frankie's. Three years in now and Frankie's reps worldwide. I think in that time we've carved out a pretty killer little history.

What is your venue doing to help the local music scene? We give good acts gigs, pay them, feed them, get them drunk and give them a fucking great audience.

What are some of the highlights? Big names spin through here all the time, it's great seeing fans and artists coming together and hanging as friends.

Website link for more info? frankiespizzabytheslice.com