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27 March 2015 | 1:20 pm | Staff Writer

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Can you give us a tweet-length summary of your show? There isn’t a lot left for me to expose about myself. After Just a Fully Naked Encounter there is literally nothing left unsaid!

What was the last thing you couldn’t stop laughing at? My four year-old son: “Dad, I just did a god fart.” Me: “What’s a god fart?” My four year-old: “That’s when you fart and go, ‘oh, God’.”

What’s your favourite comedy film and why? Kung Fu Hustle. Stephen Chow rules the world of slapstick! The comedy timing in this film is perfect. And it’s a martial arts film. RasTastic.

What happened the last time you were heckled? Nothing of any consequence to my art form.

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What profession do you think would provide the best comic material? Pipe smoker.

Website link for more info?

WHAT Harley Breen: Just A Fully Naked Encounter

WHEN & WHERE 26 Mar — 19 Apr, The Old Met Shop, Melbourne Town Hall