Halloween Focus: Lewisham Hotel

27 October 2015 | 11:19 am | Artist Submission

"You know it's been a good Halloween if… you poo out a whole pumpkin."

Answered by: The Lazys

Trick or treat? Why? Trick. Because David Copperfield is our bitch.

What's your favourite scary movie? Justin Bieber's doco.

Who's the scariest person in music at the moment? Brett Lee.

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Complete this sentence: You know it's been a good Halloween if… If you poo out a whole pumpkin.

Why should we celebrate Halloween with you at your gig? Sydney's best rock bands, burlesque performers, and beer!

When and where is your Halloween gig? 31 Oct, The Lewisham Hotel.

Website link for more info? facebook.com/thelazys