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Girls Germs: National Party.

10 March 2003 | 1:00 am | Bianca Valentino
Originally Appeared In

Germ Warfare.

Girls Germs launch Leaving Brisvegas at Club Sabotage, Mary Street on Wednesday and the National Hotel in Toowoomba on Thursday.

Three-piece Brisbane pop-rock band Girls Germs are back! With their two year in the making new EP, Leaving Brisvegas which sees the band with a powerful, energetic more mature edge.

“The title has come from definitely the last two years with the band being successful but not successful. This for us is what we hope to be our definitive moment where we become not just successful in Brisbane and Queensland sort of band but nationally,” explains Germs vocalist/guitarist Bryan.

One of Brisbane's leading producers, Jeff Love Joy was at the helm this time round.

“He did a little work on our last album but this time we allowed him more time, more money and less songs. He really had some fun. We did it in two sections that were spaced apart by two or three months. In the second session I turned to Jeff and said 'I have this song which I was going to do it as an acoustic number...' then we took it to Jeff and he helped us turn it into what I think is quite a rock song. He's a bit of a rock icon, we even got him to play a guitar solo on Download My Heart.”

Having been on the scene for almost eight years the Girls Germs of today are remarkably different to the Girls Germs of yesterday, having gone through many changes.

“We sound a lot more mature and a lot more mellow and there's a lot more of a rock influence showing through now then previously. I think we're always been a little different.”

Over time Girls Germs have played various festivals, Vans Warped tour, Rocket Festival, Rapid Festival, Hoogie Festival and most recently the Big Day Out. On stage wore UN weapons inspector uniforms. I ask Bryan why the bands choose to do don the attire seeing Girls Germs have never really been a politically motivated or driven band?

“The world has gone crazy at the moment and this is the time to do things like that. It also came from the working title of the new album, that was going to be Germ Warfare and it was going to be our gag for the CD launch. When we decided to change the name of the album we thought that the Big Day Out would be a great opportunity to use them. A day like that that's a rock n roll smorgasbord, it's always good to do something special. It was a really hot day though and probably not the smartest thing to do, visually it was a good idea though. It was one of my favouritest, funnest gigs. It was one of our dreams to play there, next stop Livid hey!”