For The Benefit Of: We Care - South West Bushfire Relief Concert

3 February 2016 | 5:47 pm | Bob Gordon

You've got a lot done in a very short amount of time to create a fundraising event of this magnitude. What have the last few weeks been like?

Myself and a dedicated team of people led by the Event Association of WA have been busy creating an event which can embrace the greater community spirit, to show our country cousins that #wecare. It's been bedlam and crazy busy, but in a good way.

It must be pleasing to see so many people - music industry and beyond - willing to pitch in so quickly?

Musicians and the music industry are renowned for donating their time for great causes. I haven’t had too many no’s whether it be concert production, sound and lighting, staging and stagehands etc, the whole industry has been extremely supportive and that shows me the quality and depth of our industry.

How will the funds be distributed?

The Lord Mayor’s Distress Relief Fund was established in the 1960’s and has a charter for helping people in distress back on their feet. Anyone that has been a victim of these awful fires can apply for relief funding. There is a panel of experts that assess their claim and it is given to the most in need.

You've got a few big names flying in for the day, plus a real variety from all corners of the WA music scene. Causes like this really bring people together don't they?

We are very fortunate having some big name acts, it does help drive the gate and I am very happy with everyone’s response. However, I do believe this is bigger than any headline acts; this is about the events and music industry combining and showing that they care.

It's very much an event created from the bottom up for families, that's is all-important for a show such as this?

We thought it was imperative to engage families and the greater community so the event also features a family stage which is themed. It’s a great opportunity for the younger generation to see live music, especially the local live music.

What are your hopes for the day and for the appeal beyond that?

My hopes for the day are that as many people come and enjoy themselves and dig deep for a good cause and we achieve a successful event.

Beyond that I hope that these sort of concerts are not a thing of the past but more of the future for wherever there is a need to raise funds a concert seems a great vehicle to be able to bring together

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 Originally published in X-Press Magazine