Fluid: Reality Bites.

15 April 2002 | 12:00 am | Eden Howard
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Fluid play the Troccadero at Surfers Paradise on Friday. 

Big Brother won’t be the only live action reality TV going down on the Gold Coast this Friday night. Fluid are taking to the stage, and they’re taking a camera crew with them. 

“It’s actually for a doco, not a video clip as such,” frontman Daniel explains. “There’s a company on the Gold Coast called Icast who did a surf video last year called Waves Of Paradise, and we contributed three tracks to that, that were featured pretty heavily in the film. They used a lot of Gold Coast bands, Feeel, The Daisycutters, us. The relationship grew from that. They liked our music, and now they’re making a documentary about the band and the ins and outs of trying to get noticed, and all the fun stuff that goes with it. We needed a gig to include in the film, so we organised this one especially.” 

The film won’t be a clone of musical reality TV series The Band, in which covers band Josie 7 was given the fly on the wall treatment while out on tour. It won’t be Popstars either, but it will be pitched to the TV networks later this year. 

“It’s not so much about being on the road or out picking up chicks and that stereotypical sort of a band kind of deal. It’s about us as a relatively unknown band outside of the Gold Coast, to be honest, trying to get noticed and to sell our EP. They’ve been into the studio filming the recording of our EP. It’s interviews and insights from the band and people involved in the band. I think they’re waiting for us to have a scrap at the moment,” he jokes. “It’s all been flowing quite smoothly."

The studio time mentioned was not the recording of Fluid’s excellent People Places Faces disc of 2001, but rather new material for an upcoming release. 

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“We’re doing another recording. Not sure if it’s going to be a full EP at the moment or just a single, but we’ve got one track finished and ready to go, and we’ll be back in the studio later this month to do some more.”