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Flights With Daryl Braithwaite & Weird Fan Gifts: Alex The Astronaut Wraps Up Her Tour Diary

6 November 2017 | 11:48 am | Alex The Astronaut

Final part of the tour was in WA in Perth so I flew on the plane. Darryl Braithwaite was playing AND there were movies on the plane. I tried to watch Wonder Woman but I fell asleep. 

In Perth I started by going to a very peaceful cafe and listened to their peaceful music and ate breaky. 

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I wanted to balance out healthy and unhealthy so I got nutella with a shit tonne of fruit. The flower wasn’t edible I checked. 

Then it was to Jack Rabbit Slims and Kaitlin Keegan and Tanaya Harper hung out with me during sound check. We ate chocolate and many fruits off the rider. I was filled with vitamin C and sugar and ready to play. Both Kaitlin and Tanaya's performances were great. 

Then all at once it was the last show of the tour and I was wearing my Camp Cope shirt for #ausmusicshirtday and singing songs on stage. Everyone was happy and people sang, someone gave me a shirt with Pauline Hanson dressed in pink, someone else a red bull vodka. I decided not to drink that on stage, however it would have made for an entertaining show. Suddenly it was over, and I was on the plane home. I loved it all and thank you to anyone who came to the shows, I couldn’t feel luckier.