Five Things You Didn't Know About Bluesfest's Elle King

26 February 2016 | 12:27 pm | Artist Submission

"Rob Schneider is her father."

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In the lead up to the Byron Bay Bluesfest, which kicks off on 24 Mar, we found out five fun and wacky things about Elle King:

  1. Rob Schneider is her father. When she decided to pursue music she dropped her dad's name and took on her mother's maiden instead.
  2. Ex's & Oh's was inspired by four past loves, who are all mad at her. "I'm not a terrible person, but it went platinum."
  3. The second song she wrote on the banjo, Good To Be A Man, is the song that first hooked her a record deal. She learned the banjo when she saw a cute guy play it at art school. "He let me borrow the banjo for over a year. I traveled around the world with it. I took it to Denmark. A year later, he was like, 'Could I get my banjo back? My dad made that.' So I had to get my own."
  4. She chipped her front tooth when she hit it with a microphone.
  5. She used fake IDs to play gigs when she was underage, including her first show at 16 in New York. When her mum confiscated them, she simply obtained more, until her mum accompanied her to the gigs to make sure she didn't drink.