Six Pack: Feet Teeth

2 May 2012 | 6:00 am | Benny Doyle

Although they came from two different worlds, Feet Teeth are now simply one. Percussionist Paul Young chats with Benny Doyle.

With first introductions shared as self-proclaimed “little nerdy kids at QUT”, Paul Young and Joel Saunders (trumpet, laptop) have combined their disparate musical backgrounds to form the sprawling project FEET TEETH.

“We became friends through other mutual people and [then] we met up in Berlin when Joel was travelling and I was on tour,” Young recalls. “After seeing some performance in a dodgy warehouse we were walking and talking about different experimental projects we were engaging in. It was Joel who had the genius idea of sampling live drums, percussion and trumpet through a laptop processing program. I loved the idea as I was looking for more expressionistic forms of improvisation.”

Integrating electronica, ambient, jazz and other niche contemporary elements, the Brisbane pair have focused their improvisational journeys, the music Young admits, taking both the musicians into areas unknown.

“FEET TEETH is a benchmark for both of us in terms of crossover into other musical realms and challenging our own perceptions of musical boundaries,” he says. “This has inevitably led to us planning to work collaboratively with other art mediums such as silent film and dancers.”

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As part of Griffith University's upcoming Crossbows showcase, the band will be sharing the stage with a wide selection of musical makers. But the event is just the beginning of a large 2012 involving semi-choreographed movement, marathon performances, potential festivals and a new EP. But for now, settle in for FEET TEETH and enjoy refined musical danger.

“Joel is a courageous risk-taker and I can barely keep up with him,” Young states, “so when I know what to expect, I will let our audiences know. Whether nasty or nice, it's bound to be entertaining.” 


Feet Teeth play Saturday 12 May, Crossbows @ Queensland Conservatorium (4.15pm)