25 April 2012 | 3:56 pm | Staff Writer

Launching their new EP All At Once Dreaming, Luck explains how FEED focused on really pulling together the tracks that captured the band's current sound, even though the origins of some tracks go back for years.

“We chose the heavier songs from our existing set and as we pieced the track list together a theme of an observer started to emerge,” he says. “Some people become swept up in this existence, others actively avoid it and some simply observe it. I think this last one gets captured in the EP.”

A measured balance of metallic blasts and textured refrain, Luck says that maintaining both sides of the sonic spectrum was a concentrated effort from the band.

“You can launch into straight out frontal lobe rearranging riffs, structures and arrangements, but in the end people need to digest what they are hearing, so we ease off a little,” he reasons. “We had been thrashing the EP tracks for at least 12 months before we took them to the recording studio. Having them refined was pretty important for us as a collective because it gave us a very clear picture of the loud/soft dynamics.”

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Technically challenging, concentration is the key for FEED in the live realm, a fact which Luck acknowledges.

“These are the type of songs which you need to have your own part down and you also need to have each track sorted as a band,” Luck informs. “The main focus point for getting the set right live then becomes hooking in with the other lads, and it's a pretty sweet feeling when you sense that happening.”

“I think with this EP we graduated to a darker and more complex sound than our previous EP From The Sun. I also think it's a little more raw and natural, which might hint to the album artwork we chose, too. Our single Azzuro is a taste of that change, but it's got that slightly western-surf vibe with the slide guitar and Hammond organ sounds. I don't think that's the whole story. In fact, I think what ties all of the songs together is a kind of western-folk style and some thematic similarities too, and then each track adds a taste of something else again. Our previous single Hector Myola is just textbook dirty western and on this EP you get to hear its extended edit, which we're excited about releasing. My Own is a little more upbeat and country and hopefully something you can sing along and boogie to. Our newest track Sides almost ventures into psych territory with some heavy distortion and attitude, while Bricks is stripped back to mostly acoustic guitar and ambient vocals.”

The as-yet-untitled EP was recorded in four days. Van Hummel says this was neither a philosophical statement nor an accident.

“It was kind of a necessity. We'd had such a busy few months on tour with Husky and then Matt Corby, as soon as we were back in town we had to record and we had to do it fast, because we'd already booked our tour to launch it! It's not ideal to do it in such a small window of time, but funnily enough it also forces you to completely focus and strive for the best result without mucking around too much. There was no time for that. It also forces you to be decisive.”