FEATURE: Most anticipated albums of 2016

14 January 2016 | 11:10 am | Staff Writer
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Killyourstereo.com looks at the most anticipated albums of 2016.

With 2016 in its infancy and the weeks ticking by, today, we look at the most anticipated upcoming albums, observing both the Australian and international releases listeners are already marking in their calendars.


Deftones –

Self-explanatory. Any year Deftones have a new studio album scheduled; the release is, therefore, anticipated. Four years since the release of ‘Koi No Yokan’, full-length number eight from the NorCal veterans should ensure more success. Frontman Chino Moreno, speaking with BBC Radio 1’s Daniel P. Carter, said the following previously: “This record was done sort of over a year, spread out over these little, tiny writing sections. So it sounds a bit more fragmented, but in a good way. I mean, I feel like you put on one song and it's completely different from the song after it, or previous to it.”

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Back at it today

Posted by Deftones on Monday, January 19, 2015

Nails –

Dynamic, Nails are that ideal type of band that garner respect from both purists and every hardcore kid that jumps from one hype train to the next. You know there are going to riffs and the music will again present itself as dense and undeniably heavy. Mark this one in as another healthy contribution to the genre.

Dimmu Borgir –

Usually like clockwork when it comes to studio albums, Dimmu Borgir have, instead, taken their sweet time with their tenth studio album. Just because the band is tucked away in Northern Europe didn’t mean we would fail to realise it’s been six years since the last record. Thankfully, the band is no longer following the lead of Tool and Necrophagist when it comes to the time spent working on an album. Our grandkids will still be waiting for those two records.

Thrice –

Thrice are back. Now, if Riley Breckenridge can get the Puig Destroyer boys back for another album, the year is complete.

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra -

The great unknown. The personnel and musical capabilities look good on paper, but “supergroups” are always an enigma. Coming from an impressive mainstay doesn’t always ensure the next endeavour is equally impressive. Therefore, cautiously optimistic is the prevailing feeling going into this one. 


letlive. –

Personable and sincere, letlive.'s music is easy to digest and an equally entertaining brand of post-hardcore, which has become a staple in the playlists of most. Where ‘Fake History’ got the ball rolling, ‘The Blackest Beautiful’ then took it all the way for a touchdown. Is 'If I'm the Devil...' the conversion?

Blink-182 –

In – Matt Skiba. Out – Tom DeLonge. Pre-existing popularity will ensure this album is still well-received, but it’s the curious listener that should find the greatest reason to indulge. When 1/3 of your band leaves and the newest addition is pulled from a fellow prominent punk outfit then interest is simply expected.

Against Me! –

A brave and therapeutic album, predecessor 'Transgender Dysphoria Blues' was certainly bold. With a large fan base and consistent career, even a modest seventh studio album should still appease long-time listeners.

Nine Inch Nails -

The industrial veterans informed fans prior to Christmas that 2016 would see new music. With previous album 'Hesitation Marks' nominated for a Grammy, even after 28 years, Nine Inch Nails are still as relevant as ever.

Metallica -

While Metallica's later albums have received a mixed response (at best), the glass half-full listener always hopes any new material from the Bay Area icons will see a return to the 'Kill 'Em All' to 'The Black Album' era. The key word being "hopes." And well, if the album fails, at least we can critique to death the choice of Lars Ulrich's snare.

Behemoth -

After beating leukemia with the same passion and intensity as the band's music itself, Nergal is a man possessed (probably quite literally too). 'The Satanist' was one of the band's finest releases in the catalogue. As Bart Simpson wisely affirms, "All the best bands are affiliated with Satan."

Other notables: Kvelertak, After The Burial, Magrudergrind, Killswitch Engage, Norma Jean.


Twelve Foot Ninja –

Finishing fourth in our 2012 Album of the Year poll, 'Silent Machine' was Twelve Foot Ninja's defining release to date. Going the crowdfunding route this time, there is always expectation regarding a follow-up to a critically and commercial successful predecessor. Engaging, musically eccentric and diverse, the band's new album should be entertaining, if nothing else.

Tonight Alive –

"We tore away every formula, structure and safety net we knew to embrace a complete unlearning and evolution," vocalist Jenna McDougall comments. There's never any space to hide or room for error when on a major label. The bold claims are asserted, the popularity is evident, let's see what the eventual output sounds like.

She Cries Wolf –

One of the leading bands in the new wave of independent bands, She Cries Wolf enjoyed a productive year, with 2016 only looking bigger. Feasting on a healthy diet of Norma Jean, Every Time I Die and a host of other chaotic hardcore outfits, She Cries Wolf have the live show to impress and something tells us the music will, once again, follow.

2016 is already shaping up to be a massive year for us, with a new album and a lot more touring. First show is with Confession at The Lab on the 10th of January!

Posted by She Cries Wolf on Saturday, December 26, 2015

Jack The Stripper –

The best live band in Australia. Simply put. Sincerely stated. Underrated, 'Raw Nerve' did good things for the Melbourne boys. Having since supported the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Cancer Bats and appeared at December's Invasion Fest, if the group doesn't feature on many end of year lists in the later months, the fault will be with the listener not the band.

Hands Like Houses –

Another commercially successful band, 2016 will be about keeping the status quo for the lads from our nation's capital. 'Dissonants' is the first album due for release in Australia/New Zealand through UNFD via a partnership with Rise Records.

Graves –

There's going to be a lot of chugging and a lot of breakdowns. You don't have to fork out a couple of wasted bucks to a make-shift psychic to anticipate the sound of the new record. This album won't be about reinventing the genre, it will, instead, focus on exploring the already well-set formula.

Be'lakor –

Melodic death metal? Progressive death metal? Call it what you will, Be'lakor are talented musicians who prefer to remain understated instead of flamboyant. The Europeans (as the habit often shows) have enjoyed what the Melbournians have offered for many years now. With Ne Obliviscaris excelling and turning local listeners onto this style of music, the time is right for Be'lakor to receive the acclaim they (already) deserve.

Polaris –

New kids on the block, prog metalcore upstarts Polaris release their sophomore EP, 'The Guilt & the Grief', this January. The hype is evident, the fan base growing, now it's time to see if the music matches accordingly.

Saviour –

Comeback announced. Members depart. It's a tough business sometimes. Having announced their return in late 2015, Perth's Saviour know the next 12 months are crucial. As they wisely assert, "2016 will define us. Let's do it."

Violent Soho -

Well, 'Hungry Ghost' was a good time, wasn't it?! With a top 10 debut and four ARIA nominations, the track record is clear and the expectation now set. Everything suggests the band's next full-length should improve further on the past efforts.

Eternal Rest -

We've seen melodic hardcore, pop punk and hardcore bands populate the local scene over the recent years. It's time for death metal to claim a share in the thriving Australian market. New album, new members, Brisbane's Eternal Rest are ready.

Other notables: I, Valiance, The Schoenberg Automaton, Void Of Vision, Totally Unicorn, A Ghost Orchestra.