FEATURE: Frenzal Rhomb - Memorable suburban gigs

9 December 2015 | 3:40 pm | Staff Writer
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In the lead-up to their Urban Spread shows, Killyourstereo.com recently had a quick chat with Frenzal Rhomb’s Jay Whalley about previous entertaining suburban show antics and the appeal of shows in the 'burbs.

This January, popular punk staples Frenzal Rhomb headline two Victorian shows as part of Urban Spread.

An initiative in partnership with TAC, which is designed to give suburban fans the opportunity to attend gigs closer to home, the new Urban Spread events see Frenzal Rhomb joined by Clowns, Hard Aches and Heads of Charm.

In the lead-up, Killyourstereo.com recently had a quick chat with Frenzal’s Jay Whalley about past suburban gig antics and the appeal of shows in the 'burbs.

“This one story just popped into my mind, I’m not sure if it’s appropriate, but the last time we played Sydney we did two shows, one in the Sutherland Shire at a place called Miranda and one on the Northern Beaches. Colloquially both places are known as the insular peninsulas. We were in Miranda and it was a nuts show, like it was really fun, there was wheelchair crowd surfing and it was a pretty off the hook show. It was really rowdy with lots of stage diving, and lots of alcohol consumed and whatnot. The next night we played in Mona Vale up on the Northern Beaches and I got up on stage and I was talking shit to the crowd and I said, compared to last night, you guys are veritable aristocrats, then this guy looks up and goes, “I’ll give you a wristy cunt!” I was like, I stand corrected!

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"There used to be this tradition, before our time and in the 80’s and stuff, like you see tour posters from that time and bands would come to Sydney and tour for two weeks, just in Sydney, or just in Melbourne and do every single suburban RSL or whatever. I guess that in a way that totally died out, so I guess it is a bit of a novelty when bands do come that close to your house or whatever and people get pretty excited. Playing a lot of those places I generally have two conversations with people. One, especially young kids, they’re like: “fuck I hate this town, I fucking wanna get the fuck outta here, it’s so shit!” Then the second conversation is how good their town is and all the great things about it and usually they’re from the same people!

"There’s a lot of pride in where people grow up and where people live, so it’s a double edged thing where sometimes people can’t wait to escape and at the same time they’ve got their roots there and their parents and their family or whatever. So there’s pride and nostalgia surrounding the place that they’re from. Often that comes out in the shows, people are excited that you’ve come to their town or their suburb or whatever, so they want to show it off as much as deride it.”




With Clowns, Hard Aches and Heads of Charm + late night DJ's.

Friday 8th of Jan, Chelsea Heights Hotel

Saturday 9th Jan, Village Green Hotel

Tickets via Moshtix.

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