Fairgrounds Focus: Shining Bird

30 November 2015 | 1:29 pm | Artist Submission

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What are you looking forward to most about Fairgrounds? The bands! The line up is incredible! Father John Misty, UMO and Royal Headache are some of our favourite artists!

Why is it cool that they're bringing such a unique festival to Berry? The quality of bands is really appealing, smaller festivals with one of two stages tend to run much more smoothly, and as a punter you can find your spot and settle in — you don't have to worry about missing clashing sets.

As a South Coast local, what has been your experience of Berry growing up? To us, Berry was always that nice little town (not too far from home) where you'd take your mum for lunch. We used to hit the skate park up there when we were younger too… (not with mum) Ha.

Why should we catch your set at Fairgrounds? We are first up, and we promise to do our thing with a special extra hint of dreaminess.

What activities will you be getting into and what do you recommend people check out? I'm keen to check out the food stalls, and (if I have any $$ left…) also the record fair.

What should punters do in Berry if they're trying to make a weekend of it? Book some accommodation! But it's probably a little late for that… (we found out the hard way) So I reckon chuck a mattress in the back of a van and stock up on a hangover kit. The sourdough bakery is a good option for brekkie on Sunday.

How do you think Fairgrounds will change the culture of live music in Berry? I think it will open up more small towns like Berry to similar boutique festivals with a focus on quality over quantity. Let's hope Fairgrounds returns for 2016!