EXCLUSIVE: Emily Ulman - Wear It Well

19 October 2015 | 11:12 am | Staff Writer

Melburnian singer/songwriter Emily Ulman is wearing her excitement well in recent days, given that her newest release, Wear It Well, is due out on 23 October. theMusic.com.au is lucky enough to be streaming it in full today, before its official release.

Led by its first single, Scratches, Wear It Well features contributions from Fraser A Gorman and Adam Donovan of Augie March, with Ulman confessing that the album name stems from the idea of perception.

"What we reveal about ourselves, and how much we choose to disclose, and in what ways. Now more than ever we’re able to present a constructed version of ourselves. How much is superficial? And how much of the real us is real?

"The phrase, ‘we were so well suited,’ kept coming back to me. The suits we wear, the coats of armour, the ways in which we wear it well."

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Ulman will be performing at her album launch on Wednesday, 18 November at the Gasometer Hotel.