EP Focus: Voltaire Twins

18 March 2015 | 9:31 am | Staff Writer

Answered By: Jaymes Voltaire

How did you get your start? We’ve been making music together since we were just a pair of babies, putting the bass in bassinet.

Sum up your musical sound in four words? Sticky, warm, analogue magic.

If you could support any band in the world – past or present – who would it be? LCD Soundsystem.

You’re being sent into space, no iPod, you can bring one album – what would it be? Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks - Brian Eno.

Greatest rock’n’roll moment of your career to date? We’re not cool enough to be rock’n’roll, but we did go to the casino late at night with Ladytron when they came to Perth. It was pretty well-behaved, mild-mannered fun. 

Why should people come and see your band? Everyone who comes to our  next show gets a free copy of our new single Long Weekend, plus the  Luke Million remix. We’re not above bribing you to get you in.

When and where for your next gig?  20 Mar, Northcote Social Club. It’s our single launch. 

Website link for more info? voltairetwins.com

Pic:​ Lloyd Hughes