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EP Focus: Morgan Bain

1 February 2017 | 6:42 pm | Artist Submission

EP Title? Hush

How many releases do you have now? A few, but this current EP Hush is the one I am most proud of and it's a new direction.

Was anything in particular inspiring you during the making? I think finding my own originality with songwriting was the most exciting and inspiring thing for me because that's what I'm constantly looking for. I wanted to find my own vibe and sounds!

What's your favourite song on it? Hush is my favourite. It's about me finding my own opinions about certain things and growing as a person.

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We'll like this EP if we like... Soul, R&B, hip hop, pop, alternative. I listen to D'angelo, Prince, Bon Iver, Outkast, Miguel, Frank Ocean, Anderson Paak. I can only tell you my influences I suppose.

When and where is your launch? 2 Feb, Beresford Hotel; 9 Feb, Woolly Mammoth, 10 Feb, Wesley Anne; 18 Feb, Mojo's; 26 Feb, Clancy's

Website link for more info?:

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