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Edith Reflects On Being An Emerging Artist & New Single 'Fear'

17 November 2022 | 8:02 am | Staff Writer

'Fear' is out now.

Credit: Bones Collective, Matt Cussen

Credit: Bones Collective, Matt Cussen

Having kicked off 2022 with Falling Away featuring Taj Ralph, rising Sydney artist edith returns with her anthemic new single Fear. Co-written with Robby De Sa (MAY-A, Sahara Beck) and mixed by Eric J Dubowsky (Flume, Tove Lo), Fear spotlights edith’s achingly honest lyrics carried by her serene vocal delivery and lofty pop tones that have become synonymous with edith’s infectious indie-pop sound. The 2021 triple j Unearthed High finalist - who cemented her name on the radars of industry tastemakers and fans alike with her poised indie-pop release Who Cares - reflects on her journey with The Music, sharing her hopes and fears that she's found along the way.

Fear. a reflection.

I fear a lot of things.

Things out of my control.

Things in the future.

Even things from my past.

When I write songs, I write from a personal space.. a vulnerable place.

I think, like most, my songwriting is like my diary and sharing my diary with the world is terrifying.

I fear that people won't understand or relate to these emotions, in these moments that I write, of vulnerability, I always feel alone.

I write from personal experience, and this makes me fear the people around me. Of their reactions to hearing how I truly feel.

My mum used to say she could always tell what was happening in my life through my songwriting, and that scared me. It scared me because I didn't want her to know how I was feeling... how I was actually feeling. I

didn't want her to hear that vulnerability. To me, it was private. Just like a diary is.

I fear criticism... I guess I really value people's opinions and fear their judgement... maybe a little too much. We are all our own worst critics.

I doubt myself... especially when it comes to music.

It's scary releasing something you are proud of and that you care so much about... waiting for the reactions and the opinions and the what if's.

What if I let people down?

What if it's not as good as the last?

What if my lyrics are too ordinary?

What If I am too ordinary?

What if people don't connect?

What if they don't like me?

I have always felt like I am not good enough, my brain plays tricks on me. It tells me I am useless.

Sometimes I feel guilty for the opportunities that I have and that I'm not worthy. An imposter.

Being a new artist is scary... you can't prepare for how people will perceive you.

They say always be yourself... but I fear that myself won't be enough.

I fear a lot of things.

Things out of my control.

Things in the future.

Even things from my past.

But my fear isn't me.

Fear can connect 

and embolden,

and soften,

and brighten,

and turn everyday moments into music.

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Having supported Australian singer-songwriter Odette on tour in April and May - and opening for Greta Stanley and Annie Hamilton at their respective shows in Sydney - edith has just announced her Fear Single Launch show at The Chippo Hotel, Sydney on December 3. For all ticketing information, click here.

Fear is out now.