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E-Z Rollers: Stone Free.

2 December 2002 | 1:00 am | Paul Rankin
Originally Appeared In

Like A Rollin’ Stoned.

The E-Z Rollers the Adventjah Festival on Friday  at the Arena.

Pioneers of the English and hence worldwide drum and bass scene, the E-Z Rollers (aka Jay Hurren and Alex Banks) have been producing top shelf tunes since 1995. They’ve been stalwarts of the famed Moving Shadow label pretty much since it’s start by producer Rob Playford.

Alex was part of the seminal Hyper-on Experience, turning out the anthemic Lord Of The Null Lines along with Danny Demierre of Flytronix fame. Jay worked with Andrew Riches (JMJ & Richie) also on Moving Shadow, until the two hooked up as the E-Z Rollers, releasing Retro, Synesthasia and too many big tunes to mention. They’ve led the way for vocal drum and bass, putting a solid emphasis on melody and chords in their production that is sorely lacking in the work of so many other producers.

It wasn’t long with this philosophy towards work that the hits started rollin’ in, with Tough At The Top all over the airwaves like a rash, and the Origin Unknown remix by Andy C of Ram Records fame smashing up dancefloors worldwide. The E-Z Rollers will finally be bringing their form of liquid soul d&b to Brisbane, headlining the upcoming Adventjah festival with a full live show. Jay and Alex will be joined by a vocalist on the night, and from all accounts it’s a show not to be missed.

When did you start producing music?

“Alex started way back in the mid 80's using a four track and a Yamaha sampling drum machine, a couple of domestic record players and a Casio SK1 keyboard - monitoring was from a dirty great cassette recorder. Mostly Alex was doing remixes of the Hip Hop around at the time. It wasn't until 1989 with Jay Hurren and Richie (JMJ and Richie) that the first vinyl release (Cool down the bass/Come on yea) on their own label happened.”

How does drum and bass move you?

“Drum and Bass hurts! It hurts when I hear it and it hurts when I make it! Don't get me wrong - I love most forms of dance music - but there is nothing like that moment when the drum and bass drops!”

How is Moving Shadow to work for?

“What we get from Moving Shadow is commitment and professionalism. We need to know that when we finish a project that the marketing and promotion is handled properly - we don't need to worry about it.”

Your touring with a live vocalist. Can you describe the live show?

“Two DJ's, three decks, two mixers, samples, CDs, MC and a Vocalist. Hardcore mayhem!”

How do you feel about warming up for Sasha in Brisbane?

“Really cool! We’re huge fans. Can't wait…”

What can we expect to hear from the E-Z Rollers in future?

“Dangerous things - expect world domination very soon.

Any collaborations coming up?

“Yes loads - got to keep some of them under wraps until the legal are sorted!  But we have worked with Doug E Fresh and Sharon Brown from USA on the new album - more work with them to follow. Plus were working with some great UK talent from the likes of MC Jakes and MC Bas as well as vocalist Rhallia and Mango Seed - the future's bright.”

Any words of advice for aspiring producers out there?

“Don't smoke and buy a house as soon as possible.”