DZ Deathrays US Tour Blog Part Three

29 June 2012 | 2:33 pm | DZ Deathrays

After some cold shows and plenty of shots, all DZ Deathrays wanted were some fucking mountains...

June 20th – Today was the first day that we got to a hotel with a pool and actually had time to use it before we had to go load in to the venue. Once we arrived at the venue in Columbus we discovered that none other than Bootsy Collins was playing in the venue literally next door. That night our show was pretty cold in comparison to what I could only imagine was a heated funk'in orgy next door at Bootsy's show. Anyway we didn't let that deter us from enjoying the night and before I knew it I had a few shots of scotch for dinner and we hit the town.  I remember we ended the night on the side of the highway at some unholy hour watching someone who was so drunk he had to hold on to the grass so he wouldn't fall off the planet.

Shane-Prawny-Parsons at the Pool

June 21st– Tonight's show was an all ages gig in Bloomington, Indiana which was ironically sponsored by Sailor Jerry's who were also apparently supplying free booze.  The show sounded like it was going to be a riot of all time greatness. We rolled in expecting hammered college kids everywhere but instead just parked the car next to the Bagmobile and loaded in to the venue. Unfortunately it turned out no one was really down to party that night and the only highlight of the show I guess was finding out the venue owner had a famous cat (  Also he gave us some of his cat's merch...

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Quickly Robin, to the Bagmobile!

June 22nd – Chicago. Everything was perfect. The hotel was awesome, the venue was rad and the show was killer. We assembled a party team after the show and ended up at VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars = pretty much an RSL on PCP).  There was no sign out the front, you get patted down upon entry and it's open until 6am with non-stop karaoke.   There were some actual veteran soldiers there in uniform but mainly just mid-twenties piss wrecks. So we stayed there until dawn

Hipster Polaroid Montages at the VFW in Chicago….. “You gotta have a montage, even Rocky had a montage!”

June 23rd – The drive to St Louis was a brutal 6 hours which was capped off by the council deciding to close ALL of the lanes on the highway into town for road works. What didn't make it any better was that night the show was in a 1000 capacity room and only about 20 people came to the show...  By the time the show was over everyone was exhausted and severely demoralised so we decided to leave St Louis and get a head start on the drive to Milwaukee.

June 24th– We found a hotel about an hour out of St Louis around 2am and got some much needed sleep. By this point we had just given up on checking out on time and honestly, considering some of these highway hotels look as though they've seen DIY abortions being performed in them I don't think anyone cares about an hour late checkout. The show was at the Cactus Club in the suburbs of Milwaukee. This place is kind of legendary with bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Interpol, Husker Du having cut their teeth here back in the day but unfortunately for us the show was pretty cold. Although they did have $2 beers and played “They Live” on the TV's at the bar which kinda made up for all of us losing money on the show I guess.

June 25th – The notorious First Avenue and 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, Minnesota was the venue for tonight's show. This place was made famous as Prince's hangout back in the '80s and even appears in Purple Rain. Luckily Minneapolis blew away all our fears that the cold streak would continue and the entire room was packed (as well as the backstage beer fridge) by the end of the night leaving everyone in high spirits which in turn lead to a lot of spirits from the bar after the show.

June 26th – Today we started the drive to Seattle…

Why can't you have something more interesting to look at than green fields North Dakota???


At least we get some fucking mountains to look at, nice work Montana on being environmentally dynamic.