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Drastic Park Reveal Their Top 10 Pop-Punk Songs With Breakdowns

27 September 2023 | 3:27 pm | Drastic Park
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To celebrate the release of their new EP, 'Compound Fracture', and Australian tour dates, Drastic Park shared their top ten pop-punk songs with breakdowns exclusively with Kill Your Stereo.

Drastic Park

Drastic Park (Credit: Andrew Bromley)

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With the release of our latest EP, COMPOUND FRACTURE, where we have evolved our pop-punk sound to include some heavier elements (including a few cheeky breakdowns), we thought what better to celebrate it than to count down our Top 10 favourite Pop Punk songs with BREAKDOWNS! 

Note: we are going to attempt to write all of this without mentioning the forbidden word “easy-core”. I know this triggers some people, so we will do our best. 

10. Cordiform - Dreamland 

We couldn’t do this list without shouting out Melbourne up-and-comers Cordiform, who exploded onto the scene this year with probably the best debut show we’ve seen in some time. The hype they built was huge, but it was helped by this song which blended pop-punk with a super heavy breakdown so damn well. Keep an eye out for their new EP dropping soon! 

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9. No Not The Bees - Sick II Death 

Probably one of the greatest band names of all time that has been derived from a movie (IYKYK), but this song, in particular, keeps you bopping along throughout before it knocks you off your chair around that 2:40 mark. At first, it feels like you are stuffing your face with honey, and then BAM turns out there were bees in that honey. 

8. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - In Friends We Trust 

OK, so… this is obviously a guilty pleasure. The breakdown is just so damn good, but we can’t tell if we love it for that or because we also love a good meme. Got nothing on for the next 10 hours? We got you, fam:

7. The Wonder Years - Old Friends Like Lost Teeth 

The Wonder Years are no strangers to breakdowns, but we wanted to put this song in because we don’t think breakdowns always need to be these huge chug fests with halftime drums brought in with a scream. Sometimes, you can literally just break the song down with some beefy guitars and change to a more dissonant atmosphere. The Wonder Years do exactly that in this song. Now, don’t get me wrong, we love our friends - but they may lose some teeth in the pit if they stand too close to us at 2:14! 

6. New Found Glory - Selfless 

This list is full of breakdowns in the bridge of the songs, but what if each chorus was a breakdown? Queue New Found Glory with Selfless. We love how they turn the standard song structure on its head, with breakdowns in the choruses and in the bridge; they go full speed! We also love how they don’t resort to chugs while still keeping it beefy!

5. Belmont - Overstepping 

3:37. That is all. Nah, jokes, we should probably say a little more! This band is epic, and this song is all killer and no filler. Breakdowns make you want to break stuff, but this song makes you want to demolish your entire house from start to finish. It’s fast with a lot of attitude, and man - those riffs just melt your face. 

4. Bring Me The Horizon - LosT 

Some will argue this isn’t Pop Punk… but… come on. That chorus, can’t get any more Pop Punk than that. You can’t argue that that is a breakdown wedged in the middle there (especially since Oli literally says the word “breakdown”). Bring Me The Horizon are the biggest band in the world and are no strangers to blending genres, so we couldn’t not put this on the list. 

3. A Day To Remember - The Downfall Of Us All

You can’t actually make a list like this without A Day To Remember, who have made a career out of putting breakdowns into Pop Punk songs. Probably the most recognisable band in the genre, but this song in particular, I think, has been a relentless earworm for the past decade and a bit! A Day To Remember have been so prominent in this part of the scene that if we didn’t include the following song, you might just… 

2. A Day To Remember - Mr. Highway’s Thinking About The End 

…DISRESPECT YOUR SURROUNDINGS! While it edges a tiny bit away from being Pop Punk, the chorus still keeps it there - and let’s face it, they’ve done enough Pop Punk to be eternally branded that way. This is probably one of the most famous breakdowns in history (from any genre) due to that EPIC call out. 

1. Four Year Strong - It Must Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now

OK… so we may be a little biased here as Alan Day (that handsome man with the orange beard) produced our latest EP, which was hugely influenced by Four Year Strong, who we think are the best of the best when it comes to this fusion of genres. We still pinch ourselves that we got the opportunity to work with Easy-Core royalty. Oh crap… we said it :S

Drastic Park’s new EP, Compound Fracture, is out now.



With special guests Down And Out

28 Sep - The Bergy Band Room, Melbourne VIC - Tickets here

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