They’re Set To Conquer The World

25 February 2016 | 6:50 pm | Aaron Bryans

"I think we’ll be spending a lot of time overseas anyway touring.”

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Having already premiered two well-layered and full singles in Lay Down and Too Soon, the DMA’s are set to make waves with their long awaited debut LP. For guitarist Johnny Took, its late February release will be the beginning of a massive chapter in the trio’s musical journey.

“You only get one chance to make a debut album with a band so I’m really excited,” Took claims. “Some of the songs are really old as well; not that we’re over them, but we’re excited for people to actually hear them. I feel like they’ve been around for a long time.”

“It sounds like the way we want it to sound. We’ve got that DIY-sound, it’s got those big parts, you can hear everything and there’s lots of depth to the sound now which is really exciting. The main thing for us is the tunes. We just want people to hear the new tunes cause we think they’ll love them.”

Compared to their self-titled EP, the DMA’s latest work has sought to combine the trio's atmospheric live show with their stripped back DIY-recording vibes; however Took claims the groups potential second album will push the boundaries even further.

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“We’ve got a great live act that we’ve swapped around over the last 24 months,” Took explains. “There’s still some old songs that didn’t make the first album that I think we’ll use, I’m looking forward before we record the next album to jam those songs live because at the moment it’s sounding bigger then ever live.”

The next year is set to be a big one for the DMA’s who are looking to capitalise on their international success.

“The response in Europe in particular has been really great so far. I think we’ll give ourselves the next year or so to tour and then we’ll decide where we’d like to be based. I think it’ll be important for writing to place ourselves somewhere different and be inspired by other things. Depending on how the album goes I think we’ll be spending a lot of time overseas anyway touring.”

Originally published in X-Press Magazine