Death By Denim Take Us BTS Of Their New EP, 'My House Is A Club'

28 March 2023 | 1:05 pm | Staff Writer

In celebration of their new EP, 'My House is a Club', Death By Denim have shared some cheeky behind-the-scenes shots that showcase the ins-and-outs of making their new release.

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Working once again with our main man Andy Lawson in the studio. He’s always been vital to our sound, but we felt like he had a bit more input this time around, from the demo phase all the way to the final product. We tend to go pretty crazy in this room when all 5 of us are together, usually for the best!

The first couple of days of recording were set for pre-production. We recorded the songs live and then listened back and adjusted the sounds accordingly. The final song on the EP, Cruel, actually had a drastic change after this process, which was the first time we’d done something like that.

We struggled with the single My House is a Club for a long time, and it took one extra night staying until past midnight with the help of a few dominos pizzas and a couple of bottles of wine. By the end of that night, we were questioning our whole careers as a band, but after some sleep, that song became one of our favourite songs to date!

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In the studio, we build our songs with drums, bass and keys first, often leaving Palle experimenting on the fly with his guitar parts. We all gather around him and either tell him, “ooh nah, don’t think so, my son”, or “awww yessss, that’s it!” when he goes to work on the tracks.

Writing and recording music is something that we love. However, it is topped by playing live to our fans. Whether it’s a heaving gig or a more intimate one, this is where we feel most at home.

On our last tour, we were able to play Magic Daisy right before it was released to gauge people's reactions and people made note that they loved it after shows. It’s always a funny one playing new music because you don’t know if people will like it, but thankfully, so far, it’s been good.

This was after one of our hometown shows last year which was rescheduled a bunch of times due to Covid. I think you can see in our faces how stoked we were at that gig, and just being able to be on stage again was such a relief.

This is a BTS shot from the My House is a Club music video that was shot and edited by our very own George Gunson. It’s always so cool seeing what he whips up after he’s done shooting, and I think this is some of his best work.

People are probably wondering what the hell is going on with the green masks. One of our close mates bought these masks for us after watching the Jim Carrey movie, and it turned into a whole thing between a few of us. Somehow it’s made it to be the lead character of the ep cover and video, and if nothing else, at least I find it funny.

We love putting in the work, whether that’s writing the songs, recording or shooting videos, but when it’s over, and you think you’ve got a good product, it’s the best feeling. We always celebrate those little feelings with each other, especially over the last couple of years when there have been so many downs; celebrating little and big wins has been key.

Stream/Download the My House is a Club here.