David Bowie: Nothing Has Changed Focus: Jack Ladder

17 May 2016 | 12:50 pm | Artist Submission

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In the lead-up to the event Nothing Has Changed, an event at they Opera House featuring multiple vocalists out front of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra performing the legacy of David Bowie, we grabbed Jack Ladder to have a quick chat about all things Bowie.

Do you remember where you were when you heard Bowie had passed away? What was your reaction? I was at home sitting on the front steps. It was a hot summer afternoon. I was looking at my phone and saw someone post an RIP image. I assumed it was a hoax. Then I saw more pictures. Then I blanked out.

Can you narrow down your favourite Bowie track to just one? No. Couldn't pick a favourite. What would be the point in that? Variety is the spice of life, right?

Have you performed with an orchestra before? What are you expecting from the night? I have not had the pleasure of performing with an orchestra. I'm expecting to be playing the music of David Bowie with said orchestra. There will be lights. I trust the audience will enjoy it.

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What made you choose the particular song(s) you're performing on the night? I picked the songs that are suited to my vocal register. Low. He smoked like a chimney so as he got older his range dropped. I picked songs that I thought I could do justice.

Will you sing your songs true to the original or put your own spin on things? I'm going to sing them the way they come out. True with original spin.