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Dappled Cities' In-Studio Diary: Sounding Like Enya, Flykicks & Shitty Crystals

29 June 2016 | 4:15 pm | Dappled Cities

"Inspirations for this album came from everywhere — Enya, Enya’s house..."

This is the dictionary definition of “on fire”. Drums, bass and keyboards. The heart, soul, skin, arse and forehead of Dappled Cities.

Being a producer is hard. Here’s our producer, Luke, getting a hug from a hippy that broke into the studio. We had to call the cops.
Dave channeling the power of crystals. Dave bought this one to come up with something that rhymes with “frozen stingray”. He settled on “rosey dingbat”. Shitty crystals.
Inspirations for this album came from everywhere — Enya, Enya’s house, The Beach Boys, Vengaboys, Steely Dan, our friend Dan, the internet, firefighters and a sick cat we affectionately called Derek.
Tim preparing his lethal fly kick. Basically you think he’s just some surf guy in a studio and then all of a sudden he flies up, takes out your eyes and steals your ice cream.
Mooresy ripping a chronic bass part on a sweet vintage Hofner. Funny story, the bass wouldn’t stay in tune and the part didn’t get used.
Dave playing bass. 1/10.
When the mood drops, the sun has set and a bandmate just ate your last pickled herring, nothing perks you up like whatever this is.

 From the infamous “insanity patch” where no one knows what is going on, what went on and what is about to go on.

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Dave’s nickname is “Twainy” (as in Mark Twain) because he is such a gifted lyricist and a master of words (he also holds a US passport). This was him preparing the lyrics for “dont cum round no mo tonite cause i tired”. Look out for it on the new record, it’s ok.