B To A Tea

4 April 2012 | 8:41 pm | Cassandra Fumi

“I think girls have more fun behind the decks than a lot of guys do,” says DJ Danni B.

“We definitely have a cheekier edge. I think girls have more fun behind the decks than a lot of guys do,” says Danielle Borg, aka DJ Danni B. “ I would never say that girl DJs are better than guy DJs though.” The aptly named Tickled Pink Tea Party is an all-female DJ line-up playing as part of Bimbo/Lucky Coq's Easter party, Best Of Both Sides. “I think I have surrounded myself with the best female talent of the moment and we have this awesome international, Gorge, who is joining us from Berlin,” says Borg. “Everyone has a different style; some of the girls are deeper and others have a more bouncy vibe. I think it will just be a fun night, with people looking for a good time.”

“I'm just such a music lover,” exclaims Borg, who admits to “collecting vinyl way before I was behind the decks. If there were albums or EPs released that I wanted, I needed to have it in every format possible.” In terms of musical influences, “David Bowie is just number one for me. I think he is just one of the greatest musicians to ever live and I am utterly obsessed with him. In terms of dance/electronic music I think the person who influenced me to get off my butt and actually do something was Magda. She is an amazing Polish DJ and producer. I saw a clip of her playing and was like, 'Wow, I wanna do that.'”

Borg played Rainbow Serpent (2010, 2011) and has been going for the past seven years as a punter. On reflection she says, “This year it was pretty much the highlight of my career in terms of enjoyment that I have gotten out of a set. I played the Sunset Stage and the sound system was just insane. I was really crapping myself beforehand, but once I got up there and played a couple of tracks I just loved it. I find the crowds at Rainbow are really free, you just can't beat the Rainbow Serpent vibe in my opinion.”

Playing a festival such as Best Of Both Sides – which aims to bridge Melbourne's north/south divide – can't help but evoke competing emotions. When asked to pick a side of the Yarra, Borg says, “To be honest I'm a northsider at heart. I used to live in Northcote and I'm real foodie and the food and coffee is just better on the north. I also like the energy of Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and High Street, Northcote; I think the whole vibe of the north just suits me better.” However, she says the Best Of Both Sides festival “is really exciting because even though I am not much of a southsider I do enjoy venturing over to Lucky Coq during the festival to check things out. This festival, one of my must-sees is KiNK on Saturday at Lucky Coq; he is another international who has never been here,” shares Borg.

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The TPTP takes place this Thursday, so “it's the start of a long weekend and which everybody loves,” says Borg. She admits to “absolutely loving a good dress up. I love wearing things that are crazy and wish I could do it more.” The outfit is not planned for Thursday but is under consideration. Borg will be sure to tuck into the Agnello Pizza (the lamb one) come Thursday at Bimbo, which she says is “hands down the best”.  Borg, who is leaving for Berlin soon, through endearing chuckles says, “Really I just love progressive house and trance. I am a 'prog' girl from way back.”