Six Pack: Damn Terran

11 April 2012 | 11:42 am | Tony McMahon

Furious post punkers Damn Terran have been setting stages alight in their hometown of Melbourne. Now, with the release of their seven-inch single, Rebels, it’s the rest of Australia’s turn.

“The track is the first we've done that features Ali (bassist) on vocals," drummer Leigh Ewbank explains. "We've also gone further with our political commentary as well. We're drawing attention to the conformity, careerism, and play-it-safe mentality of the current generation. 'Where are the rebels?'… That's what we want to know.” 

Damn Terran's sound has been described as 'controlled chaos', and Ewbank has a theory on why people have responded so positively.

“It's rare to find music that fits that description on national radio. Damn Terran are a reaction to cookie-cutter bands that dominate the airwaves and bands that would rather pose than play their instruments.”

A Damn Terran live show is nothing less than an embodiment of the above spirit.

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“The intensity you hear on the recording is a fraction of what we unleash at live shows. Damn Terran are first and foremost a live band. We prefer the energy and chaos of warehouse parties and the grime of rock'n'roll clubs than the studio that's for sure.”